For Students

We’re working on expanding our resources at the Lab, so for now, live/synchronous workshops will NOT be offered. However, you can view the recordings of past workshops below.

The Writing Process and Understanding Assignments


In this session, we will go over the general steps of the writing process, including prewriting (choosing & refining topics; outlining), drafts, and revisions. We will also discuss some general tips on how to successfully complete an assignment based on your professor’s description (don’t assume this is an obvious skill!). NOTE: this is a 45min workshop, unlike the rest which are 20-30mins each.

In-text Citations I: When and How to Use


Our most popular webinar! Citations are more than just formatting. This session will review different ways to use information from sources to support your arguments, including how and when to use quotes and paraphrases.

In-text Citations II: Paraphrasing


A continuation of the previous week’s workshop. In this webinar we’ll practice paraphrasing, which is a surprisingly difficult skill to do correctly!

Academic Voice & Word Choice


There’s more to good writing than just being free of grammatical errors! In this workshop, we’ll discuss making sure your writing sounds academic, with strong word choices and a lack of wordiness or fluff.

Annotated Bibliographies


Students are often intimidated by annotated bibliographies, but they don’t have to be so scary! Join us to learn the components of an annotated bibliography and how they can help you with your research

Literature Reviews


Like annotated bibliographies, students are often unfamiliar with this research component. In this webinar, we’ll discuss what a literature review is and isn’t, and discuss some tips & tricks for when you’re working on yours.



How can 150 words cause so much stress? Learn some tips & tricks for summarizing your hard work in an abstract or executive summary.