For Faculty

Please note that the webinar information on this page is from Fall 2020 and has been archived. Faculty webinars will return in a future semester.

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Writing Lab Intro and General Tips (Sept 30th – please note this date has changed)

An overview of services offered by the Lab and some quick-and-dirty tips for incorporating writing instruction into your class.

Designing Effective Assignment Descriptions and Rubrics (Oct 7th)

As teachers, we sometimes have a mental disconnect between what we want and what we actually ask for from students. If students consistently are not giving you what you expected, part of the problem might be your assignment description. We’ll discuss some strategies to help guide students to produce projects the way you envision them, using both assignment descriptions and rubrics.

Giving Effective Feedback (Nov 11th)

When providing feedback to students that they will actually follow, the trick is to work smarter, not harder. In this session, we’ll cover making instructor feedback more efficient and effective, as well as strategies for implementing peer feedback.

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