Asynchronous Tutoring Sign-Up

The SCS Writing Lab is now offering synchronous tutoring. (We will still be offering synchronous, one-on-one live tutoring if you would prefer to stick with that–sign up for synchronous tutoring here.)

You can sign up for asynchronous tutoring at the bottom of this page, under the “How can I sign up for asynchronous tutoring?” header. If you have questions about asynchronous tutoring or any other Writing Lab offerings, feel free to email

How does asynchronous tutoring work?

With asynchronous tutoring, you will not meet with a specific tutor in real time. Instead, you will complete a form and upload two things: (1) your work and (2) your professor’s assignment description/requirements. Then, a tutor will spend about an hour reviewing your work and email you a report with feedback within 48 hours, not including weekends. If the end of your 48 hours falls on a weekend, you will receive your feedback by the end of day on that following Monday.

Why asynchronous tutoring?

Even before COVID-19, students studying at SCS had unique schedules. Many students already have busy careers in their field, as well as children at home and/or other responsibilities that make scheduling live appointments difficult. Some students are even in different time zones! Asynchronous tutoring allows for maximum flexibility for both students and tutors.

In addition to the scheduling benefits, asynchronous tutoring allows students to digest feedback from their tutor at their own pace. They may read the report at any time and work on revisions as they have time and energy, rather than trying to remember everything their live tutor may have said in the moment.

Will an asynchronous tutor fix all of my mistakes?

No. Like our live tutors, asynchronous tutors will concern themselves first with your organization, argument, support, cohesion, clarity, etc. A tutor might not make changes to your original document at all and might instead simply write feedback in the feedback form for you to follow. If you have many spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, your tutor will of course point them out, but this is not their first concern.

Are there limits to asynchronous tutoring?

Students are limited to one (1) asynchronous tutoring request every 48 hours. In addition, we have a limited amount of tutoring hours dedicated to asynchronous tutoring. We will do our best to accommodate every request, though there may be times that submissions will be closed or timeframes lengthened due to high volume.

How can I sign up for asynchronous tutoring?

Sign up for asynchronous tutoring here. Please have your work and the assignment expectations from your professor ready to upload, along with any specific questions you may have for your tutor.